DNA requests approval for deputy Titi Holban’s preventive arrest


The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) asks for approval from the Chamber of Deputies for the preventive arrest of deputy Titi Holban, suspected of influence peddling.
“… Chief Prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate sent the request to the general prosecutor of Romania along with the motivation made by the anti-corruption prosecutors, in order to notify the Minister of Justice to ask speaker of the Chamber of Deputies the approval of the preventive arrest of deputy Titi Holban for influence peddling,” reads a press release of DNA on Tuesday.
According to DNA, deputy Titi Holban allegedly received EUR 10,000 from an individual, telling the latter he will mediate to an inspector with a leading position at one of the Regional Anti-Fraud Directorates, so that a company should not get punished following the control made by the institution.
“The evidence reveals … that on January 2014, accused Holban Titi, deputy in the Parliament of Romania, promised to a denouncer, in exchange for EUR 10,000 that he will mediate with a particular person. He actually received the amount in two installments. That particular person was supposed to mediate himself with an inspector with a leading position at one of the Regional Anti-Fraud Directorates so that a company managed by someone close to the denouncer should not be punished during the control made by the aforementioned institution,” say the anti-corruption prosecutors.
According to DNA, the investigation of deputy Titi Holban while free could encourage other people to do felonies, considering his position and the deeds he is accused of. The prosecutors notified deputy Titi Holban of the accusations on Monday.