DNA searches the HQ of the Constanta County Council

Nicusor Constatinescu heard by DNA prosecutors.

DNA prosecutors, SRI troops and the Special Intervention Brigade of the Gendarmerie on Wednesday morning searched the HQ of the Constanta County Council and the domicile of the chief of the institution, Nicusor Constantinescu, judiciary sources said, quoted by Mediafax. The communique made public Wednesday morning by DNA confirms the searches but does not specify the exact location.
“Following authorisation by the competent court, searches are conducted at three locations from the city of Constanta, including two headquarters of public institutions. At this moment, the criminal prosecution is done in relation strictly to the facts, as no criminal prosecution was started against a person,” DNA informs. The probe refers to conducting, in 2011-2013, crimes assimilated to those of corruption by civil servants with leading positions at local scale.
The President of the Constanta County Council Nicusor Constantinescu was brought to the DNA offices yesterday. He was heard regarding the case. “I don’t know why I was brought here, I believe I will be informed,” Constatinescu said upon entering.
Following the searches Adrian Gambuteanu, head of the County department for Roads and Bridges, was detained by the DNA prosecutors and was expected to be brought to Bucharest.
On January 15, the president of CJ Constanta, Nicusor Constantinescu was taken by anticorruption prosecutors from the HQ of the institution and questioned at the DNA. When he was taken by investigators, Constantinescu tried to oppose and refused entering the car of the investigators, complaining that he is the victim of an abuse, as the warrant was issued without citing him to sign the citation.
From the resolution for the start of the criminal prosecution written at that date by prosecutors it resulted that “there are serious data and hint according to which Nicusor Daniel Constantinescu defectively did his job attributions that resulted from the quality of president of the Constanta County Council in the sense that he ordered the making of non-legal payments worth in total RON 23,105,903.62 (over EUR 5 M)”, DNA informed.
Nicusor Constantinescu was sent in court twice by the prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate, during the same year – 2008.
In the first file, in October 2008, he is accused, alongside 36 more persons, including the mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazare, in relation to returning and illegally attributing large surfaces of in-town land in the city of Constanta, Mamaia, beach and seawall, acts that caused a prejudice worth approximately EUR 114 M. In the second file, in December 2008, he is accused of a loss over EUR 1 M, following the Contract for the Implementation of the ISPA Measure.
Constantinescu is at the third mandate of president of the Constanta County Council, winning the elections of June 2012 with more than 60 pc of the votes.
Aged 47, he entered politics in year 2000, when he ran for the position of local councilor, in the team of Radu Mazare (PSD), who won the Mayor’s Office.

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