DNA wants another year added to Nastase’s 4-year jail sentence

At one point the former Premier mulled giving up his Romanian citizenship.

The DNA prosecutor asked at the Bucharest Court yesterday for another year to be added to Adrian Nastase’s four-year jail sentence. Adrian Nastase could thus have to serve five years in jail after the merger of the two sentences issued in the “Quality Trophy” and “Zambaccian” cases. While the merger request was being analysed, defence lawyers filed Adrian Nastase’s CV in order to prove that the former Premier does not need to have his sentence hiked in order to be re-educated.
The former Premier’s defenders pointed out that in the “Quality Trophy” and “Zambaccian” cases the sentences were oriented toward the minimum punishment stipulated for the actions the prosecutors charged Nastase with. Nastase’s lawyers talked in court about the former Premier’s social and moral profile, pointing out that he has already served 266 days out of the two-year jail sentence he received in the “Quality Trophy” case, so that the punishment achieved its goal. On January 23, Nastase’s lawyers introduced, at the Bucharest Court, the request to merge the sentences that their client received in the two cases, namely a sentence of two years and four years in jail respectively.
On January 6, the Supreme Court sentenced Adrian Nastase to four years in jail, executory sentence, and his wife Dana Nastase to three years in jail, suspended sentence, in the “Zambaccian” case. The former Premier was accused of receiving directly and through his wife Dana Nastase, while he was Premier, illegal gains of approximately EUR 630,000. These gains consisted of goods imported from China and the expenses incurred by these imports, and of works on Nastase’s houses in Cornu locality and in Bucharest.
Present in court yesterday, Adrian Nastase stated that at one point he mulled giving up his Romanian citizenship, pointing out that the judiciary offered him a concept of “civil death,” since the complementary punishment forbids him from running for public office for a period of five years after he serves his sentence. The former Premier asked the Bucharest Court to take into account that he was acquitted in the “Aunt Tamara” case after six years of investigation. “The judiciary offered me a civil death concept. At one point I mulled giving up my Romanian citizenship, however I understood I cannot file such a request while being in detention,” Nastase stated.

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