Doctor Bradisteanu aquitted

Aurgeon Serban Bradisteanu was acquitted by the Bucharest Tribunal for the charges of misuse of authority and receiving undeserved benefits in a case that has him accused of receiving a bribe of EUR 4 M in the context of an auction for the equipment of penitentiary hospitals. This sentence, too, is not final and can be challenged at the Bucharest Court of Appeals.

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  1. Transylvanian Werewolf says:

    Why are we NOT surprised at this sentencing? the “Old boys Commie Network” looking after themselves again. Only the poor working class seem fit enough to be sent to jail.

    Pity only two were stood again a wall in the last Revolution, many others were just as guilty and deserving of a bullet, now the ordinary Romanian has to suffer further crimes against the nation!

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