Dream Theater, exceptional concert for refined fans of progressive metal


After 12 years of waiting, Dream Theater held an exceptional concert on Monday, July 28 at Romexpo during their Along for the Ride tour 2014, a total show received warmly with enthusiasm by an educated public for three hours, a public who let themselves carried by the sounds of these music giants. An evening of musical lessons given by James LaBrie, John Petrucci, John Myung, Jordan Rudess and Mike Mangini. As I was expecting, the icon band of progressive metal, Dream Theater, went up on stage at 8 o’clock sharp, accompanied by video projections in a complex show and with James LaBrie in a fairly good vocal shape. The Americans were glad to see the Romanian public after 12 years as the lead vocal wondered regretfully why it took them so long to come back on Romanian land.
The first part of the concert focused on the latest album of the band, as it was launched in September 2013 and the second part brought us all back in time with older songs on their famous albums.
Among the most famous songs there were “False Awakening Suite,” “On the Backs of Angels,” “Trial of Tears,” “The Mirror,” “Lie,” “Lifting Shadows off a Dream,” “Scarred,” “Space-Dye Vest,” “Finally Free.” The last of them brought minutes of silence among the public at Romexpo. Active for almost 30 years, Dream Theater is still a source of inspiration for any instrumentalist.
Phoenix Entertainment wants to thank all the 5,000-plus people present at the event for the atmosphere they created and secondly to the sponsors and media partners who supported them.