EC agrees to cut phone interconnection fees in Romania

The telecom operators will adopt much lower interconnection fees as of April 1, from 3.07 Eurocents/minute to 0.96 Eurocents/minute for mobile telecom and from 0.67 Eurocents/minute to 0.14 Eurocents/minute for landline telecom, according to a press release of the National Authority for Communication Regulation and Administration (ANCOM), following the green light from the European Commission (EC). The interconnection fees, or concluding calls in other networks, are paid by the operators for the calls of their clients outside the network they belong to or for which they have a prepaid card. This price can be found on the bill of the client who makes the call. ANCOM temporarily suspended the right to provide telecom services or to provide network for a number of 187 companies, because they failed to meet their requirements to send statistic data for the first half of 2013 to the institution.

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