EC approves reallocation of EUR 240 M to Regional Operational Programme

The European Commission approved the reallocation of EUR 240 M from the Sectoral Operational Programmes (POS) Transport and Environment to the Regional Operational Programme, informs a release the Ministry of European Funds. Funds amounting to EUR 140 M were reallocated to the Regional Operational Programme from POS Transport, and from POS Environment, another EUR 100 M.
‘(…) As I have promised, this money will be used for financing schools, hospitals and county roads. They have allocated EUR 173 M for schools and hospitals and EUR 67 M for county roads. The reallocation of the funds to these priority fields of Romania will lead to the increase in the Romanians’ living standards,’ Minister of European Funds Eugen Teodorovici said in the above-mentioned release. According to the same source, the Regional Operational Programme is the highest performing programme through the agency of which Romania drew more than EUR 1.64 bln till December 17. At the same time the sums requested from the Commission through this programme in order to be repaid to Romania amounted to about EUR 1.75 bln.

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