EC reimbursed 131 percent more money in 2013 than between 2008 and 2012

The amount Romania was reimbursed with by the European Commission (EC) in 2013 was 131 percent higher than the amount received in the entire 2008-2012 period, which places Romania first among EU Member States by increase in amounts cashed in from the Commission, a press release issued Thursday by the Minister of European Funds (MFE). At the end of last year, the overall amount reimbursed to Romania from structural and cohesion funds was approx. EUR 5.09 billion, according to MFE.
In the same ranking, Italy is second with an over 83 percent increase and Bulgaria with almost 50 percent.
These are followed by Cyprus with 48.76 percent, Greece with 48.75 percent, the Netherlands with 47.96 percent, France with 47.63 percent, Malta with 47.23 percent, Belgium with 47.18 percent, the Czech Republic with 46.68 percent, Hungary with 45.12 percent, and Finland with 44.40 percent. In the last half of the ranking are Spain with a 24.92 percent increase, Denmark with 24.27 percent, Ireland with 18.43 percent, and Great Britain with 13.31 percent. Romania requested the Commission for the reimbursement of over EUR 3.56 billion, an amount higher than the amount requested for the entire 2007-2012 period. Thus, the overall amount requested by Romania was approx. EUR 6.5 billion at the end of last year, resulting in a current absorption rate of 33.47 percent.
On a change of topic, Eugen Teodorovici, Minister of MFE, has stated Romania has agreed upon a schedule with the European community concerning sending over the Partnership Agreement, which our country has followed to the letter.

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