EduMin Pop: If you have a management contract, but fail to observe it, you must go home


Minister of National Education Liviu Pop (photo) on Monday evening told the TVR national television station, in regard to the removal of several school inspectors, that they failed to observe their management contract.

“They, too, the school inspectors, carry their activity based on a contract. There are 28 items on this contract they must observe. I’m not interested in the baccalaureate graduation figure they achieved, since this is not the fruit of the school inspector’s activity, as per his contract, but a fruit of teachers and students. (…) The school inspectors, the headmasters and all those who are part of the management structures under the MEN [Ministry of National Education] are being evaluated based on a management contract, that regular assignment contract that is. (…) If you have a management contract, but you fail to observe it, you must go home. The state of the education is important for this country. They had the duty – and I will give you an example – to send the report on the state of education until July 31,” said Pop.

He also said that those inspectors who were removed received their notification by mail too, and not just by fax.

“I saw the issue with the fax. In fact, they all received their decision and the notification by mail, for this is how things are normally done and this is what the Law says. We do not play with the fate of the Romanian students,” said the MEN representative.

Liviu Pop stated that the evaluation will continue for the remaining inspectors and also for those who will be appointed by means of mandate.

“We are still evaluating the remaining inspectors and those who will be appointed by mandate. In 14 days’ time, according to the management contract, we operated the removal. (…) After 14 days others will be appointed based on a contract. There is no political involvement here. I have heard a political leader making some affirmations that were totally untrue, but I do not want to politicize the the Education Minister office. I do not go into such political debates. (…) Among the 13 inspectors, there are also some colleagues from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and some independents or from other parties. If you, as a manager of a school inspectorate, fail to observe your management contract, how can you claim for a headmaster, or a class master to do it?” said the Minister of Education.