EduMin Pop unveils changes to Baccalaureate exam


The examinations for assessing linguistic and digital skills at the Baccalaureate high school graduation examination next year will be held in the first half of the second semestre, while the written tests will take place at the end of the 12th grade, Education Minister Liviu Pop announced on Wednesday.

“We bring a decluttering of subject matters to the students who take the Baccalaureate exam (…) obviously, we also come with additional elements of safety on the evaluation area – we will no longer move the examination papers from one county to another teachers from one examination centre to another,” the minister said.

He said that also as a novelty the examination papers will be scanned and secured with support from the Special Telecommunications Service (STS).

“They will be marked by the teachers at the marking centres, or at home on a laptop or computer, wherever the teachers may want, but everything with clear security. No teacher will know whose paper he or she marks. We’ll pilot these two novelties in January, at the National Examination, and in February-March, at the Baccalaureate Exam,” said Pop, adding that the piloting would be done in ten counties.

According to him, this will lower the costs of marking, while also easing up potential pressure on teachers.

The Ministry of National Education will approve, in accordance with the provisions of the National Education Law 1/2011, the calendars and methodologies for organising and conducting the National Examination of the 8th grade students and the national Baccalaureate exam in 2018.