EHF Champions League: Gyor hold on to the trophy

Women handball champions Gyori Audi ETO KC defended their Champions League title in the first ever MVM EHF Final4 as the Hungarians beat ZRK Buducnost, with Romanian player Cristina Neagu (best player in the world 2010) 27-21, on Sunday night, according to
After Hypo Niederosterreich, Slagelse and Viborg they became only the fourth team in 21 years of the EHF Champions League history who successfully defended the title.
Cristina Neagu, who scored three of her team’s four goals in the first minutes tried to keep pace with Gyor and Buducnost did manage to close the gap to three goals.
The 10-15 halftime result raised doubts over fittness of the Montenegrins, who had had four hours less to rest for the final on top of the 70 minutes semi-final drama the had been through on Saturday.
Cvijic and Neagu brough Buducnost closer at the beginning of the second half and Woltering made some crucial saves to show they were not going to go down without a fight. Gyor had a short period when the Buducnost wall managed to stop them and for a few minutes the Montenegrins threatened to come really close to the holders.
“We made too many stupid mistakes. But anyway, thanks a lot to my team and to my coach for playing a very nice season. We can be really proud,” summarised Buducnost goalkeeper Clara Woltering.
“Gyor have more experience in playing these matches than our team, my players were not at a level today to win this game, I hope we will be better next season,” said Buducnost head coach Dragan Adzic.
“We had to play good defence and they (Buducnost) have many great players, but it was also very hard for them to play because they had a tough match on Saturday. It was good that I had some good saves at the end,” said the Gyor goalkeeper.

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