Eight persons detained in connection with funeral home bribe

According to investigators, the suspects, including law enforcement officers and an ISU employee, would notify funeral home representatives whenever an accident resulted in death.
Eight persons, including one law enforcement officer and one employee of ISU (General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations), were detained late yesterday in connection with funeral home bribes and are scheduled to appear before the Bucharest Court of Law with a recommendation for arrest, legal sources cited by Mediafax have stated. They have also said the preventive measure was recommended given the “social risk” the defendants pose and the large number of cases, some of which involve over 20 instances in which money was requested from funeral homes in exchange for notification on possible deaths resulting from accidents. Representatives of the Bucharest Prosecutor’s Office claim the defendants would receive between RON 300 and RON 700 for each such item of information.
Corina Paraschivescu, prosecutor and spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Court of Law, pointed out 26 persons had been charged, including ten law enforcement officers, one ISU employee, three funeral home representatives, and medical staff members. The defendants who were questioned on Monday have confessed, Paraschivescu added. Tens of searches were conducted early Monday in the capital city in connection with approximately 60 persons, including law enforcement officers and Ambulance Service and SMURD employees, who are suspected of having received money from two funeral home owners. Ten police officers from the 25th and 22nd Precincts in Bucharest are also under suspicion.
Searches were performed by investigators in relation to a file on bribe and disclosure of information that was not intended for the public. According to information gathered by investigators, the suspects would notify funeral home representatives whenever an accident resulted in death. “We received these notifications several months ago. They referred to some funeral homes who were informed about possible deaths before they were officially declared by physicians,” Raed Arafat said.
Alis Grasu, Manager of SABI, also stated for Mediafax that he supports the authorities’ investigation in solving the case, particularly since the deeds committed by the employees are prohibited in accordance with internal regulations and job descriptions.

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