Eight Romanians prepare in Sweden space launch of revolutionary technology


Eight Romanian scientists gathered in a LOW Gravity Team are currently in Kiruna, Sweden, to prepare the launch with the aid of a Rexus 16 European rocket of a revolutionary technology, a world’s first created by them. It is about melting and soldering titanium and aluminium alloys in a milligravity environment for soldering in the outer space. The new technology would allow soldiering in the outer space using these materials, which would allow reparations under imponderability conditions never done before. The project, deemed a full success under lab conditions, was devised after the Romanian scientists were awarded the ‘Hans von Muldau Team Award for the Best Team Project’ at an International Aeronautics Congress in Beijing and after winning a contest held by the European Space Agency (ESA).  The experiment to be launched in space late this May will mark a new important achievement of the eight Romanian scents in the world’s aeronautics elite.