Election scandal at Nana commune

Investigation started after a woman was allegedly assaulted by PMP representatives, during a visit of Elena Udrea. PM Ponta: Udrea is supported by the organized crime network in the region. Udrea: the incident was a set-up.

An election scandal occurred in Nana village where, during a visit paid on Wednesday by Elena Udrea in the area, a local woman was assaulted by the local representatives of the Popular Movement Party (PMP). The police were notified and opened an investigation in this case. According to sources close to the investigation, the attacker might be Stefan Fileata, who accompanied Elena Udrea during the visit.
The police was notified after Antena 3 presented images shot during the incident, claiming that the woman wanted to complain about the way the restitution of the land was made in the village, but was stopped by a group made up of PMP members providing Elena Udrea’s protection.
Prime Minister Ponta said yesterday that the authorities will take the legal measures in the Nana incident case, because it is about organized crime, Udrea being supported in that area by a network, said PM Victor Ponta. “It is about organized crime, because Udrea is supported in this area by a network you saw on TV and of course, legal measures will be taken. On the other hand, I believe the association between Basescu and Elena Udrea with the frauds at Nana commune, which continue now with the manifestations you saw, reflect the way the two of them understood how to make politics in Romania,” said Ponta.
On the other hand, the Popular Movement Party condemned the attack occurred in Nana commune “against an innocent lady,” claiming the party has nothing to do with this “unfortunate local incident.” In the meantime, PMP accuses Antena 3 TV channel of manipulation, for broadcasting the images with the Nana incident. The same idea was resumed by Elena Udrea herself, who claims the incident regarding pushing an old lady was a setup.
“It is regrettable that an individual dared to push a lady. He is not a PMP member. I expect to face setups like this during all the events we will have. I was at Nana, there were five TV channels that recorded the event, nothing happened. PM Ponta’s propaganda leads to the manipulation that occurred and he tries to drag me into what happened. Victor Ponta has no respect for anything,” said Urdea at Realitatea TV.

Clashes PSD-PNL
PSD chairman, PM Victor Ponta, resumed his election dispute with his former alliance partner, PNL leader Crin Antonescu. After Antonescu accused Ponta that people are allegedly threatened in Gorj by USD to participate at rallies, the PM answered that he cannot get used to the fact that Antonescu switched places with Basescu, who demanded that the voters at the referendum should be arrested.
A new accusation sprang from PNL against PM Ponta. Leader of PNL group in the Chamber of Deputies, George Scutaru, says Victor Ponta allegedly threatened him that he will lift him with the police van, as they argued after a debate in the Chamber of Deputies a month ago. Scutaru claims the PM told him “watch out maybe we’ll take you in the police van,” after Scutaru criticized PSD during an election rally of PNL, but he said he cannot prove that the PM threatened him because he has no witnesses. As a reply, PSD executive chairman Liviu Dragnea said that liberals Crin Antonescu and George Scutaru are “two liars.” “PM Ponta has never and will never threaten anyone with prison. Does Victor Ponta have the keys to the prison?” said Dragnea.
Liberals also accused PSD yesterday that is “illegally” using USL brand on its electoral banners. PNL MP Alina Goghiu said that it was the Social-Liberal Union name that has been registered at OSIM, and not its acronym USL.
In the meantime, the social-democrats will have to go to the National Audio-Visual Council (CNA) to discuss about the election posters about which it has been said they include images shot in Belarus. The accusation that the images presented in PSD slogan might be made in other states than Romania occurred at Robert Turcescu’s show on B1TV on April 30.
PSD gained a new member though, singer Cezar Ouatu registered on Wednesday with Ploiesti branch of the party, reasoning that there is “an inter-human alchemy” between him and PSD Prahova.
PDL criticism against Basescu
The democrat-liberals led by Traian Ungureanu and Cezar Preda attacked Traian Basescu on Wednesday in Buzau. Ungureanu said the Head of State “works for an employer, he is an election agent,” and Preda told that he “confiscated the election campaign,” and does not allow the Romanians to know who to vote for. PDL candidate to Presidency Catalin Predoiu attacked PSD mayor Constantin Boscodeala in Buzau, saying that he has done nothing for the city for 18 years and that he drove while he was drunk, as the mayor replied that the former’s attack comes following the weak results he is going to get in Buzau, less than 1 percent.
PMP banners, vandalized in Cluj
PMP Cluj representatives announced the Police and the County Election Bureau Cluj, complaining about some election banners placed at the entrance in the headquarters of the county organization, during the night between Wednesday and Thursday, as a banner was torn and another stolen. PMP Cluj chairman, Deputy Adrian Gurzau, told Mediafax that this is “an intimidating action,” adding that the representatives of the other parties whose offices are in the same courtyard, PNL, PSD and PDL, might be involved.

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