Energy efficiency projects increase AVI Compact by 10 pc


AVI Compact, one of the major companies supplying integrated solutions of air conditioning and installations, estimates a turnover about 10 per cent higher in the context of the greater demand for projects of energy efficiency on the corporate segment. “Through the efficiency projects, the energy consumption can be reduced by 30 per cent,” said AVI Compact CEO Florin Radulescu during a press conference. AVI Compact is also the major supplier of Daikin equipment in Romania. Since 2014, the air conditioning system Ururu Sarara, Daikin brand, is available at AVI Compact. Ururu Sarara is the first and only system in the world that combines in a single unit air cooling, heating, purifying, ventilating, humidifying and dehumidifying with supply of fresh air. Using a green refrigerating system and with a high efficiency level (R32), Ururu Sarara is the most energy efficient system labelled at A +++ category.