EP elections, Constitution revision referendum on May 24-25

PM Victor Ponta says the possibility of holding a referendum and other elections simultaneously was approved by the Boc Cabinet backt in 2009.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced yesterday after the Government’s weekly sitting that the Cabinet will take steps to organize on May 24-25 the European Parliament elections and the Constitution revision referendum, having as a legal basis the Emergency Ordinance (OU) No. 103/2009 approved by the Boc Government and being granted the assent of then-Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu.
According to the substantiation note of the ordinance, quoted by PM Ponta and signed by then-PM Emil Boc, the Constitution does not forbid the simultaneous organization and conduct of a referendum and of parliamentary elections, presidential elections, EP elections or local elections, being given as reasons the need to use public funds for the two elections efficiently and avoid setting up a very large number of polling stations. Ponta decided to come out as a reaction to the critical statements made at the beginning of this week by PDL, following USL’s decision to organize the Constitution revision referendum simultaneously with the EP elections.
Shortly after Ponta’s statement, former Premier Emil Boc stated that the Constitution revision referendum “cannot be legally stopped”, but from the moral point of view, it should not be organized, because it overlaps with “the EU matters.” “I don’t think it’s a good idea (the simultaneous conduct of the referendum and EP elections – editor’s note), but it’s not against the law. (…) when our decision to merger elections was not given the green light, Ponta and Antonescu requested our resignation, and now they are doing the same thing,” Boc said.
Education Minister given two-week deadline to present report
On the other hand, Ponta asked Education Remus Pricopie yesterday to come up with a set of concrete measures to solve the irregularities emerging in the Romanian schools. “I want you to complete the codes of ethics, I want to decide once and for all the situation of tuition classes, the school’s fund and so on. We need to set up very clear regulations, because I don’t know if the abuses that have been recently revealed are just some exceptions or the rule,” Ponta said. He gave Minister Pricopie a two-week deadline to update the Government on these issues.
At the same time, Ponta asked the ministers to have ‘a very clear reaction’ for defending the Romanians’ rights and their freedom of movement. The Prime Minister added that he was happy when seeing that the British Government understood there would not be a Romanian ‘invasion’: ‘I have been happy today that the British Government … understood that the Romanians did not invade and anyway the Romanians are European and, if all of them want to leave, they will. They do not leave fortunately, but they are not inferior to anybody’.

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