EP resolution on freedom of movement urges Member States not to discriminate

On Thursday, the European Parliament passed a resolution on freedom of movement, by which Member States are urged not to discriminate against mobile workers in the EU and use European funds to promote social inclusion. The European Parliament “strongly disagrees with the position taken by some European leaders who have requested that changes be made and the free movement of citizens be restricted,” and calls upon all Member States “to avoid any measure that could infringe upon the right to free movement stipulated in the EU’s primary legislation.” The European Parliament urges the European Commission to “systematically and thoroughly monitor” the extent to which the EU citizens’ right to free movement is being upheld. Recent studies carried out by the Commission show mobile workers are net contributors to host countries’ economies and budgets, and as a separate group, they contribute more to the host countries’ budget through taxes and social insurance contributions than they receive by way of benefits. The Romanian MEPs who signed the resolution are Marian-Jean Marinescu, Elena Basescu (EPP), and Renate Weber (ALDE).

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