EU becomes world largest agri-food exporter


In 2013, EU agri-food exports continued to grow as in the previous years and reached a value of EUR 120 billion, which made the European Union the world’s number one exporter of agricultural and food products, informs. At the same time, EU imports remained roughly stable, so the net agricultural trade balance stretched to a surplus of EUR 18.5 billion. These are the main conclusions of the overview of the EU’s agricultural trade performance in 2013 published by the European Commission Monday. While the EU is a renowned exporter of high value-added final products, the export growth in 2013 can be largely attributed to commodities, notably wheat and barley, with exports to Middle East-North African countries booming in 2013. Overall, the fastest-growing export markets for EU agricultural products were China and Saudi Arabia, although the US continued to be the most important destination for EU agri-food exports.