EUR 9.6 bn loses annually by not using business software at full capacity


European companies, including those in Romania, waste technology investments worth over EUR 9 billion annually by failing to use business software at full capacity, according to a study conducted at the request of Sage, a business management software provider. The study revealed that, on average, each of the 222,628 medium-sized companies in Europe waste over EUR 43,000 annually. Thus, together, they waste a total amount of EUR 9.6 billion. This means that over 80 percent of all companies that have invested in the implementation of business management software fail to use it at the full capacity. The reasons for this situation vary from country to country. For example, 35 percent of the companies in Germany say that business software double other types of existing software, while just over a quarter of the respondents in the UK justify this situation through the lack of customer demand. A total of 40 percent of Romanian respondents said business management software have too many features in relation to their needs, while 40 percent complain about the lack of training in how to use those programs.