EuroGsm relaunches the online shop: A new shopping experience and the largest information guide for technology enthusiasts

  • The new version of the online shop will allow the users to consult the phones and tablets offer at special prices, at the end or at the extension of an Orange subscription, having the possibility to come into contact with one of the EuroGsm consultants for further details.


  • The EuroGsm Customers will be able to see in real-time which are the promotional campaigns and the available services in over 100 stores in the country.


  • Once with the relaunch of the online shop, EuroGsm aims to increase by 30% the number of visitors compared to the same period of last year.


EuroGsm, one of the largest telecom retailers in Romania, relaunches the online shop after an audit of the purchasing behavior of its customers. Based on the results of this audit, the company has adapted the interface and the functionality of the website to meet the needs of technology consumers, in order to provide a customized and a fluent experience in navigating in the new online shop, when purchasing phones, gadgets or accessories.

The new version of has an optimized menu with new ways of filtering and is reorganized so that the user can quickly and easily find the products he is looking for. In addition, the product configuration zone was optimized for the most of products, especially the smartphones, to be configured by the customer directly in the product page, so that the ordering could be done within two minutes, whether it is about the users who have or not an account in the online shop. The new version of the online shop has also a mobile version adapted for Android and iOS operating systems.

“In order to understand the EuroGsm customers behaviour and to meet their needs with a user-friendly platform and accessible in terms of browsing and purchasing, we conducted an audit on the consumer’s behavior and the purchasing trends of our customers. We found that among the consumers defining characteristics is also the pragmatic spirit, the increased attention to the characteristics of the devices, but also the constant interest to technology and knowledge in this field. Therefore, the new version of is a complete guide, very well organized and practical, designed to help the customers to make the best choices at the purchase. We expect, therefore, a growing number of users who will access the online shop by nearly 30% over the same period of last year”, said Zoltan Halmai, Commercial Director EuroGsm.


A better connection of the customers with the network of EuroGsm stores in the country


The new version of will allow the customers a better connection to the network of over 100 stores in the country. Thus, the customer can choose directly from the product page the store from which he can take his order. Moreover, the customers will have at their disposal, through a dedicated page, an interactive map of the nearest EuroGsm shops, but also information about the available services and the promotional campaigns in these stores. Also, ThePhoneGeeks blog will be further integrated into the shop – the reviews of products will be marked as “Expert opinion” directly in the product page and in this way, the customers will be able to learn more about the products they buy.

In addition, the users will be able to consult the phones and tablets offer at special prices, at the end or at the extension of an Orange subscription, being able then to get in touch with one of the EuroGsm consultants for further details.

Once with the relaunch of the online shop, EuroGsm will organize, until April 30, for all the customers who place an online order of any value and who subscribe to the newsletter, a raffle where those who have registered can win a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, the prize at stake. Furthermore, at the purchase of certain products, the buyers will receive gift products from EuroGsm and can order dozens of gadgets and accessories at special prices, like Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch or Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.


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