Exit Polls show USL scores landslide win

Romanians braved the snow and blizzards to vote for the new Parliament.

Romanians elected on Sunday the new members of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputy, in a ballot regarded as crucial for the country’s political stability. Exit-polls show USL has won a landslide victory according to CURS, winning more than 50 per cent of cast votes. TVR 1 informs USL has won 56.96 of votes for the Chamber of Deputies and 57.58 for Senate, ARD – 18.12 pc, PPDD (Dan Diaconescu People’s Party) – 13.19 pc, UDMR – 5.16 pc, PPMT – 1.16 pc.According to Realitatea TV exit poll made by Geopol USL has won 57 per cent of votes, ARD – 17 pc, PPDD – 14 pc, UDMR – 5 pc.According to B1TV, quoting a CSOP exit poll, USL has won 55 pc of cast votes, ARD – 19 pc, PPDD – 10 pc, UDMR – 5 pc, PRM – 1 pc. According to Romania TV, quoting an CSCI poll, USL has won 57 pc of votes (62 c of the mandates) ARD – 21 pc (22 mandates), PPDD – 11 pc, UDMR – 5 pc.According to Antena 3 reports, USL has won 56.8 pc, ARD – 19 c, PPDD – 13.8 pc, UDMR 5.1 pc.While casting the ballot in their respective constituencies, political leaders tried to convince voters to get out of their homes despite the poor weather and cast a ballot for the new Parliament. Election Day was marked by heavy snowfalls and blizzards, and the entire country was under a yellow snow and rain warning that was extended until today 11:00 am. Despite the bad weather, The Central Electoral Bureau reported a voter turnout slightly higher than 2008, i.e. 35.43 per cent at 6pm. Throughout the day, the opposition and power traded accusations related to the poor weather but also to attempts to influence voters’ choices. Hoping that their gesture will serve as example, despite the bad weather, politicians “took by storm” voting sections since the early hours of the morning.


  1. nad says:

    Voter turnout at 35.43%! Democracy only means something if people participate in it. You can be sure that many of the other 65% will be the biggest complainers about the government.

  2. Steve H says:

    Abstaining is not an indifference to the political process, it is a recognition that none of the limited range of options offers me anything that I can support.

    Perhaps we should have a threshold whereby if the turnout is below 50% then nobody gets elected – at least it would cut the salary bill.

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