Farmec posts H1 turnover of RON 75.2 M, down 6.13% from H1 2013


Romanian cosmetics producer Farmec Cluj-Napoca recorded a turnover of 75.2 million lei in H1 2014, up by 6.13% from the same period of 2013, according to a company’s release issued on Tuesday for Agerpres.

In 2014, Farmec allocated an investment budget of 10.7 million lei. ‘We invest constantly in the latest technologies and pay close attention to formulating products, but also to their presentation,’ said Mircea Tudean, the General Manager of Farmec.

According to the release, the H1 sales were largely boosted by the launch of some new products or the expansion of some widely successful ranges among consumers.

Farmec SA Cluj-Napoca holds internationally-recognized brands, including Gerovital H3 Evolution, Gerovital H3 Prof. Ana Aslan PhD, Gerovital Plant, Aslavital and Farmec. The company’s products reach over 30 countries, with its main markets being Japan, Hungary, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Iraq, Kuwait, Greece and Canada.