Feelin’ funky with Terrana Band at Christmas Rock Fest

At The Silver Church concert, Mike Terrana alongside his new band Terrana Band stirred great enthusiasm among the Bucharest audience by performing both their own tracks and the most famous rock songs of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or David Lee Roth, in the second day of Christmas Rock Fest, organized by Pheonix Entertainment. Terrana Band is comprised of guitarist and singer Fabri Kiarelli, as well as bassist Alberto Bollati, both of them giving a brilliant performance and making me fell more than once like I was in a US club. “This is a very ‘old school’ band. When I started this band, I talked with the guys and we decided that we have to divide everything between the three of us, the music, and so on,” Terrana told the audience.
It should be known that American drummer Mike Terrana was invited early on Monday in the studio of Rock FM radio channel, where he stated that it always is a pleasure to perform in Romania. “The people are friendly, food is good and the audience amazing,” said Terrana, on his third concert in front of the Romanian public, with his latest performance being given together with Tarja Turunen in May 2013. Terrana gave a piece of advice to the youngsters who want to learn to play drums: “Shut down your Facebook and practice! If you are passionate about drums or any other musical instrument, you should practice as much as possible.”
Mike Terrana is an American hard rock and heavy metal drummer and he became very popular around the entire globe, because of his collaboration with Tarja Turunen, as well as with other artists such as Steve Lukather, Tony Macalpine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, Masterplan, Gamma Ray or Rage. Terrana stands out because of his natural talent as percussionist, and also because he is an amazing showman. Throughout his entire musical career, Mike was influenced by the music of the ’60-’70s that mirrors in the style approached by his band.
The Romanian band Trooper performed the opening act. We must admit that their music sounded very good. The band has released so far 7 albums, has given hundreds of concerts and won many awards at various Romanian music competitions. At the same time, it should be stressed the fact that they opened for Prodigy, Sepultura, The Cult, Rasmus, Iron Maiden, Nazareth or Manowar.

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