Films made by Stefan Constantinescu screened at three festivals in the US

The movies “Six big fish,” “Family Dinner” and “Trolleybus 92” directed by Stefan Constantinescu will be screened at the festivals Columbia College, Filmmakers and Filmmakers Cooperative in the United States of America, reports the Romanian Cultural Institute of New York. Thus, filmmaker Stefan Constantinescu was invited along film critic and curator of cultural events Olga Stefan to participate in three events organised in the US: Chicago Filmmakers on July 26, Columbia College on July 30, both in Chicago, and Filmmakers Cooperative on August 2 in New York. Stefan Constantinescu’s movies which are to be presented during these three international events are “Six big fish,” “Family Dinner” and “Trolleybus 92.” The three cultural multimedia events place cinema art in new contexts and include visual arts, music, psychological investigation, artistic workshop elements and case studies as well.

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