Finance Minister’s wife, investigated for malfeasance in office

Anti-corruption prosecutors conducted 17 house searches in Bucharest and Sibiu as part of a case concerning the representatives of Carpatica Asigurari. Ilie Carabulea was taken to the DNA headquarters in Bucharest.

Laura Elena Chitoiu, the wife of the Finance Minister, is investigated in a corruption case, being suspected of having used her position as head of the Financial Supervisory Authority’s (ASF) Approvals Directorate to help a person become general director of an insurance company. According to Mediafax, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors presented the accusations to the Finance Minister’s wife yesterday. In their resolution to start the criminal prosecution, the prosecutors show that on June 10-16, 2013, at the request of a non-executive member of ASF’s leadership, “who was serving the interests of an insurance company,” Laura Chitoiu rescheduled a July 10 interview for June 19. “In order to make sure the position of director general will be taken over by a certain person that had been pointed out to her, Chitoiu Laura Elena modified the membership of the commission of examination, making sure that the members set to examine the candidate would not raise difficult questions, making it possible for the candidate to take over the position of director general of the insurance company,” DNA pointed out.
In the same case, DNA prosecutors conducted 17 house searches in Bucharest and Sibiu yesterday. According to judicial sources, the searches targeted representatives of Carpatica Asigurari, as well as ASF civil servants. According to the same sources, 11 persons are suspected of corruption in the same case, including two former representatives of Carpatica Asigurari.

One of them is Marian Mirzac, former general director of the Sibiu-based company, currently member of the ASF Council. The other is Radu Mustatea, member of Carpatica Asigurari’s Administrative Board and President of the Bureau of Romanian Auto Vehicle Insurers. The Carpatica Group to which Carpatica Asigurari belongs is controlled by businessman Ilie Carabulea. Anticorruption prosecutors subsequently detained Ilie Carabulea in Sibiu and were about to take him to the DNA headquarters in Bucharest for questioning. Marian Mirzac was heard yesterday too.
On the other hand, the ASF placed at the DNA’s disposal data on Carpatica Asigurari, the latter being the insurance company verified. The data concerns the former Insurance Supervision Commission’s activity in the 2012-2013 period. The Commission was taken over by the ASF in April 2013.

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