FinMin Chitoiu to IMF: By April, we will meet the target of arrears

Finance minister Daniel Chitoiu said Tuesday that, in the talks with the IMF, the government took upon itself to meet the target of arrears by April, so it will take measures in view of restructuring the debts of state-run companies from the transportation and defence industries. According to Chitoiu, the target of arrears is exceeded by RON 250 M now, but must reach the level of November until the next mission of the IMF. “We allocate a sum of money in view of covering the arrears of CNADNR and the companies from the transportation sector, and we will also find solutions to compensate and curb the arrears of the companies from the defence industry,” the Finance minister mentioned.
Daniel Chitoiu explained that the measure of paying arrears was among the best moves last year, as it was meant to drive the economic growth with the money that returned to the economy after the payments made by constructors, service providers and beneficiaries. Asked if he can give an estimate of incomes after the first month, Chitoiu answered that this has been achieved and there is a supplementary income of RON 500 M compared to the expected level.
The minister of Finance also announced that the reduction of the CAS will be discussed with the IMF officials during the next mission, scheduled for the end of April.

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