FITS 2017: Over 500 events from 72 countries, in 71 venues


More than 500 events from 72 countries in 71 venues, with an estimated average of 68,000 spectators per day, will take place at the XXIVth edition of the International Theatre Festival of Sibiu, announced on Thursday, Constantin Chiriac, Chairman of FITS, during a press conference held at the French Institute in Bucharest.

“As compared to last year, every time I say that the festival cannot grow anymore, because it is really huge. The festival is in sync with life, every time opportunities are born. Last year we had 472 events , and to get things straight – not all are plays, this year we have 503. Last year we had 70 participating countries, this year we have 72. We played last year in 68 venues, this year we play in 71. We had around 67,000 spectators per day, this year we have about 68,000 a day,” stated Constantin Chiriac.

The International Theater Festival in Sibiu, which will take place from June 9 to 18, will host 3,278 artists and guests, according to the event’s schedule.

Constantin Chiriac mentioned that at this year’s edition, the composer Vasile Sirli – “for the first time someone in the world of music that is fully deserve, who composed the music for so many important plays”, director Philippe Genty – “one of the most eccentric and audacious artists in the world, in the good sense of the word, “, director Rimas Tuminas -” the Lithuanian who (…) created extraordinary performances”, the dancer and choreographer Ohad Naharin – “Probably one of the most esteemed, sought-after and courageous choreographers of the world”, actor Marcel Iures – the “theater creator” as well as the director, playwright and actor Robert Wilson – “One of the most important and diverse artists of the world of late” will each be honoured with one star on the Celebrity Alley in Sibiu.

The theme of the XXIVth edition of FITS will be “love”, specified Constantin Chiriac, who opened the press conference by reading Einstein’s letter to his daughter. In fact, he announced that he will be presenting a poem about love at all the public meetings he will attend.

“Last year, when we had the Shakespeare anniversary, I decided to recite a poem at every public meeting. (…) With the theme of ‘love’, this year, I will recite a poem about love, at every public presentation I will attend,” Chiriac said.

According to the FITS Chairman, at this year’s edition of the festival, the tickets will not cost more than 40 lei. “It is a great gift we make to all the possible audiences who have never come and to those who love what art, culture means,” confirmed Chiriac, according to Agerpres.