Five investors interested in Oltchim privatization

Five investors have shown interest by now to take over the petrochemical plant Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea, and the deadline to place bids, set for January 31, might be postponed, official sources told Agerpres, reveals Those interested are businessman Stefan Vuza, by agency of Chimcomplex Company Borzesti, the consortium made up of the Germans of PCC and the Israeli investment fund Fortissimo, then the Russians of Oil and Gas Trade, the consortium made up of Baota Petrochemical Group and Junlun Petroleum Co of China, and last the Hungarians of Petchem, the petrochemical division of MOL. “These companies either bought the specifications or signed letters of intent to have access to the company’s data. None have submitted bids by now, but the deadline set by the Creditors Assembly is November 31,” revealed the above-mentioned sources.

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