FM Corlatean: The EU should be ready to adopt additional sanctions on Russia


The EU top diplomats gathered at the Foreign Affairs Council meeting on August 15 – Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean included – discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine. Titus Corlatean said that the EU must prepare to adopt additional sanctions on the Russian Federation if the latter does not actively contribute to the de-escalation of tension in Ukraine.

‘The Romanian top diplomat said that the EU should be prepared to adopt additional sanctions, if the Russian Federation does not actively contribute to de-escalating the situation. Minister Corlatean highlighted the need for Moscow to engage in an honest and constructive dialogue, the only way for the political settlement of the crisis,’ reads a release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Agerpres.

According to the cited source, the Romanian Foreign Minister brought up the obvious discrepancy between the continuation of supplies of Russian military equipment to separatist groups and the offer of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

‘The EU Foreign Ministers adopted Council Conclusions on this subject. In this context, the Ministers welcomed UN’s humanitarian assistance efforts and expressed the readiness of the EU to contribute to this effort. They also said that all deliveries of humanitarian assistance, beginning with the Russian Federation, must be conducted in accordance with international law and the relevant principles, and only with the consent of the Ukrainian authorities,’ said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The European Foreign Ministers stressed that any unilateral military action by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, even under the pretext of a humanitarian intervention, will be treated as a serious violation of international law and reiterated the call on Russia to immediately stop the flow of military material and personnel to Ukraine, reads the release.