FM Corlatean warns on risk of instability in Ukraine affecting the entire region

Foreign Affairs Minister Titus Corlatean, at the meeting of EU foreign ministers carried out in Luxembourg on Monday, warned on the risk of the instability perpetuation in Ukraine affecting the entire region, the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) informs in a release quoted by Agerpres. According to the cited source, Corlatean, together with the European colleagues, hailed the adoption within the meeting of the decision on macro-financial assistance granting to Ukraine, but also the establishment of the European Commission’s Support Group for Ukraine.
‘The Romanian Minister voiced support and availability to continue and speed up the visa liberalisation process for Ukrainian citizens. Reiterating the importance of including Ukraine’s representatives in any discussions referring to the future of this state, the Romanian chief diplomat warned on the risk of the instability perpetuation in Ukraine affecting the entire region,’ the cited release also shows.
The Romanian chief diplomat voiced Romania’s availability to ‘substantially’ contribute to the activity of the European Commission’s Support Group for Ukraine and drew the attention on the responsibility that the Government of Kiev should assume in adopting and implementing a package of reforms on the line of continuing the modernisation process of the state and society.
In a comment called “Support Ukraine”, U.S. Charge d’affaires, Douane Butcher wrote on Monday that “in the coming weeks and months, from Kyiv to Washington to Bucharest, the world must continue to stand up for the rights of brave people everywhere who stand up to a corrupt and authoritarian leader. The citizens of Ukraine have asked for our support as they come together to define their reforms and run their elections. For the sake of a Europe whole, free and at peace, we all need to stand together.
Polish Ambassador: Russia’s military aggression, a test for EU credibility
Russia’ military aggression against the Ukraine is a test for EU credibility and ability to react to crises in its immediate vicinity, said Ambassador of Poland to Romania Marek Szczygiel yesterday. The challenges faced at the moment by the European Union are different from those of a decade ago, when Poland, along with other nine former communist states, joined the community area, said the Polish Ambasador Marek Szczygiel during the conference “Ten years later…” held by the European Commission Representation in Bucharest.

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