Foreign missions larger by 300 gendarmes and policemen starting 2014

PM Ponta: Gendarmerie took intelligent action in new experiments referring to public demonstrations.

inister of the Interior Gabriel Oprea told a meeting assessing the activity of the Gendarmerie in 2013 on Tuesday that the number of servicemen that will participate in missions under the NATO, OSCE and UN aegis in 2014 would be larger by 300 gendarmes and policemen than in 2013, a statement that was made during the meeting assessing the activity carried out by the Gendarmerie in 2013.
‘The Romanian Gendarmerie gained the respect and appreciation of the international partners in the missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan and became provider of security and guarantor of the values of democracy. These performances lead, starting this year, to the number of servicemen to take part in missions under the NATO, OSCE and UN aegis being larger by 300 gendarmes and policemen than in 2013,’ added Oprea.
The Interim Minister of the Interior appreciated the activity of the gendarmes in 2013 and said that he would unconditionally support them in order to strengthen the rule of law and its values. ‘It is a good opportunity to state again the essential role the Gendarmerie plays in the preservation of the rule of law from the viewpoint of the public order. I am looking with confidence at the uniform you wear … and I think that all people who suffered because of the floods, storms and snowfalls will agree with me when I thank you for the efforts made in their support. The military attitude, organization and rigour prove that people, when they are in difficult situations, find an unconditional support in gendarmes,’ also said Oprea.
Premier Victor Ponta and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Valeriu Zgonea also attended the meeting. They praised the Gendarmerie for the activity they carried out last year, which, according to them, was full of challenges. PM Ponta said that the Romanian Gendarmerie intelligently managed ‘the experiments referring to public demonstrations,’ which took place in Romania as well as in other states in the region.
‘The year 2013 was a year of some new challenges for the Romanian Gendarmerie and I want to congratulate you for something excellent. All over the region 2013 was the year of some experiments referring to public demonstrations and I am considering … the countries in the region, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, more recently in Bosnia they have made experiments to see if new types of public demonstrations, new types of protests can really shake the society, put up challenges to some institutions such as you and I think that, unlike other countries, Romania … had a democratic, intelligent approach, an approach that did not make things worse, but on the contrary, offered a framework in which people who want to state their opinions can do so in a civilized manner and the Gendarmerie only intervenes when its intervention and presence is absolutely necessary,’ Ponta said. He said that the action taken in Bucharest, in Vaslui (eastern Romania), but also in other regions proved ‘very much intelligence, very much democratic mentality and the capability of the Romanian Gendarmerie not to work mechanically.’
Ponta: A President calling people to the streets thinks like in the harbour
At the same meeting, Ponta condemned President Basescu’s recent statement about calling people to the streets to protest against the fuel tax, saying a president doing that is totally irresponsible and “thinks like in the harbour”, “where we go to squabble with our pals”. “I want to condemn any person which calls for illegal actions during the electoral campaign (…)  I condemn any idea of going back hundreds of years ago, when everybody brought their supporters in the street to forcibly impose his point of view”, Ponta said.

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