Former PM Grindeanu at DNA: I was heard as witness. I told the truth


Ex-Premier Sorin Grindeanu showed up at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) on Wedneday, where he spent more than three hours. On his way out, he stated he was heard as witness, but did not reveal in what dossier. He only stated he told prosecutors the truth and what he knew.

“As I told you, there are things I can state and others I cannot state. I do not want to and I cannot give details from this dossier. (…) I think I have been very clear – my capacity is that of witness, I cannot give you details from the dossier. (…) I told the truth and what I knew,” the ex-PM stated in response to the journalists’ insistent questions about the object of the case in which he was heard.

He suggested the hearing had nothing to do with his stint as deputy mayor or with the DNA dossier concerning buildings in Timisoara, a dossier in which Mayor Nicolae Robu and ex-Mayor Gheorghe Ciuhandu are accused, stating once again that he is not involved in this case since he, as deputy mayor, did not have prerogatives in what concerned the city’s real-estate assets.

However, Sorin Grindeanu talked to journalists about his desire to be readmitted as member of PSD, a party whose member he has been since 1996, and said he waits for a solution to his challenge against the decision to have him excluded from the party.