Former PNA knew since 2005 that Judge Mustata was asking for bribes

The former National Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (PNA) knew since 2005 that Judge Stan Mustata asked between EUR 5,000 and EUR 7,000 as bribe from defendants in the cases he was trying, and in 2008 a fellow judge complained about his attitude, judiciary sources told Mediafax.
“The fellow judge said that she no longer wants to work with this magistrate and that she was afraid for her career. She was afraid of being arrested because of the magistrate’s attitude,” the sources mentioned.
According to the same source, the respective judge chose not to file a criminal complaint against Mustata because she feared being stigmatized by fellow judges.
Judge Stan Mustata and actuary Mariana Curea from the Bucharest Court of Appeals were remanded for 30 days on April 30, in a case of bribery against favourable verdicts.

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