Former SRI Deputy Director Coldea heard by Intelligence Committee: I came to answer all questions


Former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Deputy Director Florian Coldea went to the Palace of Parliament on Tuesday, where he was set to be heard by the Intelligence Committee. Initially, the hearing should have taken place last week, but it was postponed due to the former Deputy Director’s health issues.

“I came out of respect for the Romanian Parliament, and it’s a fundamental institution of the Romanian state, I’ll answer all questions asked by the committee, as I have always done,” Florian Coldea stated at the Palace of Parliament.

He should have been heard by the parliamentary committee last week, but the hearing was postponed for Tuesday, March 13, at 11 a.m., after the former SRI Deputy Director claimed he had a cold.

Coldea would not have demanded the postponement of the hearing, but Intelligence Committee Chairman Claudiu Mandea recommended that he should show up before the committee on Monday at 11 a.m., not at 2 p.m. as initially scheduled, in order to have more time for the proceedings.

SRI Deputy Director Florian Coldea resigned in early 2017, following accusations levelled by Sebastian Ghita.

After Florian Coldea had been the SRI’s number-two man for 12 years, considered the “brains” of the institution, President Klaus Iohannis put him in retirement in January 2017. The accusations levelled against him did not stop, however.

Former SRI officer Daniel Dragomir, who is investigated in the Black Cube dossier and who resigned from the SRI in 2013, came out publicly and talked about what he called the gauntlets of the judicial system and the press.

More precisely, the Romanian Intelligence Service’s involvement in the act of justice, the pursuit of criminal dossiers until the desired court sentence was obtained, and the selection of panels of judges in this sense. Dragomir stated that these actions are backed by the media, the “targets” being “publicly convicted” before receiving a final court sentence.

Florian Coldea was pointed out as the brain of SRI operations, while Laura Codruta Kovesi was pointed out as the brain in the judicial domain, two officials whom Dragomir accused of controlling the said institutions for their personal interest.

“The targets were jointly established. I know two people who were so close in scheming these things. I’m talking about Kovesi Self Proprietorship and Coldea LLC, who were involved. All those who participated will have to be included on that list. We – the lawbreakers, the civil society, the media – are running the gauntlet of the judiciary. On the other side must be the judges. They should understand that this filth must end, they should understand what’s with those who come up with paper notes and pleas,” Daniel Dragomir was stating.

Daniel Dragomir’s accusations led to a thorough verification within Parliament’s Intelligence Committee. Dragomir also offered a list of 65 names, people who could confirm his statements. The list includes SRI officers, politicians, judicial system employees, media employees and businessmen.

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