Former Swiss banker does organic farming near Arad

Theo Hani, a former Swiss banker who built his career around Credit Suisse, owns a 900-hectare farm in Arad County where he grows wheat, oat, barley, and rye that he exports to Switzerland and Germany. He claims he invested around 1 million in Romanian farmland, according to “In the last 13 years, the price for the land properties I purchased has ranged between €600 and EUR 2,000 per hectare,” says Hani, who is also the shareholder of the Bio Farmland local company under which the farm in Arad operates.  The Swiss was convinced to invest in Romania by the small farmland prices, on the one hand, and the large available surfaces, on the other. The current context of Romanian agriculture determined the former banker to focus on the organic product market, given that the land properties in Banat were suitable for such an operation.

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