Four Bucharest Court judges, businessman Adamescu prosecuted for corruption


The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have decided to prosecute four Bucharest Court judges and businessman Dan Adamescu on charges of corruption relating favourable rulings passed in insolvency cases, the DNA announced in a release on Tuesday. According to it, Bucharest Court judges Mircea Moldovan, Ion Stanciu, Elena Roventa and Ciprian Sorin Viziru will be prosecuted while being remanded in custody; they are accused of taking bribe.
Adamescu is facing charges of bribe-giving and he will remain free during the court proceedings. According to the indictment, the four above-mentioned judges demanded and received money or goods in order to fulfil/not fulfil or delay an act regarding their duties with respect to challenges to the debts due to certain firms, the preferential nomination of judicial administrators, the preferential assignment of certain insolvency cases and in order to exert their influence with judges from various Romanian courts by using information they were entitled to in their judge’s capacity.