Geoana: Russia’s political purpose is to federalize Ukraine

High Representative of Romanian Government for economic, strategic and public diplomacy projects Mircea Geoana told Radio RFI station on Wednesday that, in his opinion, the strategic interest of Russia in the Ukraine is to federalize this country, to avoid it getting closer to the EU and the NATO.
“Russia cannot annex the entire Ukraine by military force, it is a risk for Moscow to adopt an aggressive approach as well. The purpose of the Russian Federation is to avoid allowing certain states such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to properly join the EU or the NATO,” said Geoana.
According to PSD Senator Mircea Geoana, “Ukraine is a much too important state to afford a civil war, on both sides, and even more unpleasant evolutions, God forbid! It is obviously a manner as brutal as annexing Crimea, maybe a little more subtle, but on the same method by which the Russian Federation tries to create political and strategic obstacles to Ukraine, following two things in my opinion. One is to create a state of mind among the Ukrainian people, regardless of their option, towards the East or the West, that could lead to the federalization of Ukraine, this is the strategic target aimed by Russia in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, to create a situation by which the constitutional architecture, the pro-West side of Ukraine and Moldova could not make a dramatic decision to join the EU or the NATO. … In my opinion, they also try to postpone the presidential elections because Russia and the pro-Russian side do not have a candidate to face the one who is likely to emerge victorious …”
Basescu-Ponta conflict is extremely dangerous
The conflict between President Traian Basescu and PM Victor Ponta is “harmful to the outside reputation of Romania,” added PSD Senator Mircea Geoana for RFI radio station, who asks the two politicians to stop this “spiral of verbal violence,” because it is “unacceptable and counterproductive.
For Geoana, the words exchanged between Traian Basescu and Victor Ponta are “extremely dangerous and harmful for the general atmosphere in the country, for the foreign reputation of Romania, for the trust of the population in the political system and the institutions of the Romanian state, the few it still harbours. … It is the Holy Week, a week in which at least for few days the political war should stop. Modesty, balance are keys to good things. And if no sign of refrain can be displayed during these holy days, then the civil society, the Church, all common-sense people should tell those in such a situation that it is counter-productive and non Christian.”

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