German official: Most Romanians living in Germany are integrated in the labour market

Some 260,000 Romanians currently live and work in Germany and most of them are well integrated in the labour market, because they are very well trained, the Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of Germany to Romania, Julia Gross said Wednesday in Bucharest. The German official, which attended the launching event of a guidebook aimed at the Romanian working in Germany, emphasised that free movement helps covering the labour deficit in her country. The Trade Unions Federatino of Germany and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Association launched Wednesday in Bucharest the guide “You are informed, you are protected,” with information helping Romanians to work in Germany, in legal and unprejudiced conditions. “There are many Romanian workers that come from Romania and are very well prepared. The majority of the 260,000 Romanians is well integrated on the labour market. They are content with their jobs, but some have to work in completely inacceptable conditions. (…) We need well trained workers and are aware that qualified workforce is also necessary here, in Romania,” Julia Gross said, quoted by Mediafax.
The representative of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Romania, Matthias Jobelius mentioned that Germany ranks third in the preferences of migrant Romanians, after Italy and Spain.
“If we consider the evolutions of recent years, Germany is becoming increasingly attractive. Romanians are well integrated on the labour market. The unemployment rate of Romanian workers is much under the level of other migrants and under the average figure in Germany. Many workers however see their right infringed, because Romanians come without being informed about their rights,” Matthias Jobelius explained.
In her turn, the representative of the Trade Unions Federation of Germany, Annelie Butenbach said that these workers go to Germany in order to work, not to obtain social aid. “Out of 205,000 registered Romanian workers, only 7.5 pc collect social benefits, this figure being at a regular level in Germany. Only 4,000 are employees who work, but take very little money and benefit from social aid,” Annelie Butenbach affirmed. She added that the image of Romanians is distorted by “these demagogic (statements) of some politicians” who act against Romanian and Bulgarian workers. Attending the event, the minister of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Aged Persons, Mariana Campeanu stated that more attention must be granted to protecting the employees and combating illegal labour, so the Romanian Labour Inspection will collaborate with the similar institution of Germany on identifying the cases that can result in abusing the Romanian workers.

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