Giant UK investment fund buys EUR 30 M farm

Insight Investment British investment fund, which manages assets worth 271.9 billion pounds worldwide, more than twice the size of Romania’s GDP, took over the Agricom Borcea company owning a 13,600-ha farm in the Calarasi county near the Danube. The values of the farmlands and the other assets of the farm – agricultural machines or storage and irrigation infrastructure – amounts to nearly EUR 30 million, according to ZF estimations. Agricom Borcea owns 3,000 hectares, with the rest of 10,600 hectares being taken on lease. Out of these hectares, 6,054 are taken on lease for 49 years from the State Domains Agency (ADS) for a severance tax worth half of the average severance tax on the current free market. “We can confirm the fact that Thames Farming Enterprises (the division of investments in agriculture of Insight Investment – editor’s note) has purchased Alisa Farm Management in Romania”, the representatives of the investments fund said. By taking over the Romanian farm, the British fund entered a market where things have reached a boiling point given that the Black Sea region turned into a hot spot of international markets of agricultural raw materials.

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