Gica Popescu officially launches bid for FRF leadership

Former national team captain and FC Barcelona player Gica Popescu officially launched his bid for the presidency of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) yesterday and presented the team that will assist him. The team includes the famous Gica Hagi, Bogdan Stelea, Ilie Dumitrescu and Anghel Iordanescu, the latter being the coach that won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1986 with Steaua.
Gica Popescu’s strategy puts special emphasis on promoting and encouraging children, pointing out that this aspect has been neglected in recent years. “The coaches and scouts will attend football classes in schools, alongside gym teachers, in order to have a wide base for the selection of the most talented players. I would particularly like to thank the team that has worked with me on implementing this project. There were weeks, months of extraordinary work in order to devise the program that we want to implement,” Gica Popescu stated at a press conference. “There will be 42 scouts in the country, one for each county, and they will have to know all children and juniors in their counties. We will create regional centers, each center coordinating five counties. In every center we will set up a regional team, for each age group. These teams will be the sap from where the coaches of national junior and youth teams will take players. All coaches of national teams will have the obligation to live in Bucharest and be present at the centers in Mogosoaia or Buftea,” Gica Popescu said.
Gheorghe Gica Popescu (born 9 October 1967 in Calafat) is the former captain of FC Barcelona and key member of the Romanian national team in the 1990s. He played for a series of European clubs in that period, including a four-year stint at PSV Eindhoven. He also played for Tottenham and Galatasaray. Popescu stands among Romania’s all-time most capped players with 115 caps in which he scored 16 goals. He played for his country in the 1990, 1994, and 1998 World Cups, Euro 1996 and Euro 2000.
He is the brother-in-law of fellow Romanian international Gheorghe Hagi.

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