Gov’t approves ceilings guarantees under the “First Home” programme

Government during its Tuesday session approved the ceilings for the state guaranteed loans to be granted in 2008 under the ‘First Home’ programme and programmes for the thermal and structural-architectural rehabilitation of the buildings, showed a release of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration Agerpres reports. The Government Decision on implementing the ‘First Home’ programme established the additional guarantees for 2014 at RON 1.2 bln, while specifying that the difference that remained unspent from last year should be spent first.  Another RON 158 M available, and RON 301 M respectively, in the case of ANL, represent the amounts that were already allotted to financiers last year under the programmes, but were not entirely spent in 2013. According to the MDRPA release, in the case of the thermal rehabilitation of the apartment buildings with loans taken from the banks, guaranteed by the state, the Government Decision set the ceiling at RON 50 M for 2014.

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