Gov’t Secretary General Ion Moraru summoned to anti-corruption body


Moraru was heard in the case regarding IT acquisitions in various ministries.

Government’s Secretary General Ion Moraru went to the headquarters of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) early on Monday to be heard in a case regarding IT acquisitions in various ministries. Moraru was also summoned last week, saying at that time he was summoned as a witness. According to judicial sources, hearings in connection to this case will take place the whole week.
According to a DNA release, this probe was opened after DNA was notified by the Prime Minister’s Control Body on May 21, 2013 about education licenses rented and expanded by the Ministry for Information Society and the Ministry of National Education. The DNA ordered the initiation of criminal proceedings in rem over influence peddling crimes in connection to corruption offenses, bribe taking, bribe giving, and abuse of office.
“The object of the notification was the leasing and extension of educational licenses by the the Ministry for Information Society and the Ministry of National Education, who concluded supply contracts in violation of the legal provisions under Framework Agreement No.32/12.08.2009 and GD No.460/2009. There is also reason to suspect payments of approx. EUR 9 million have been made to education institutions,” DNA announced.
According to judicial sources, DNA prosecutors are looking into the following three IT license contracts carried out between 2001 and 2013: the lease contract for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription license concluded between the Romanian Government and Microsoft Ireland through Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) Austria GesmbH, worth USD 105 million and valid from 2004 to 2009;  the lease contract for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription license concluded between the Ministry of Communications and Information Society and the D-CON.NET consortium (MCSI MS-EAS), worth EUR 96 million, valid from 2009 to 2013; and the contract concerning the Computerized Educational System (MEC SEI) concluded between Siveco and the Ministry of Education, worth EUR 124 million.
The same sources have stated that DNA will be hearing approximately 40 former ministers, secretaries of state, and high-ranking Gov’t officials or officials from the four ministries directly implicated in the investigation (the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Information Technology, and the General Secretariat of the Government) in the upcoming future. Local businesspeople and representatives of the companies which were awarded the contracts will also be called in for questioning, including Florin Pletea (former director of Microsoft Romania), Dinu Pescariu and Claudiu Florica (former directors at Fujitsu Siemens Computers), and Irina Socol, co-founder and CEO of Siveco, according to the cited judicial sources. Eugen Beijnariu, former head of SG, Ion Moraru, currently head of SG, and attorney Doru-Catalin Bostina have been called in so far.
Reporters with Evenimentul Zilei claim that 46-year-old businessman and former director of Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) Claudiu Ionut Florica is seen by DNA as the link between the companies subscribed to the public contracts and the Gov’t officials. The investigation in question concerns the signing and carrying out of four public contracts worth EUR 1 billion. In 2008, Florica was the business partner of Dinu Pescariu, former professional tennis player, in a company called Cafe Inuendo.
Last May, the Gov’t announced it would notify DNA of possible criminal offences committed by former ministers Daniel Funeriu and Valerian Vreme by promoting a note on educational software purchase, based on which payments of approx. EUR 8 million were made without any reason, resulting in a price EUR 5 million higher than the real one.