Gov’t supports investigation at ANRE and will amend relevant laws


The Government will support the Parliament investigation about the National Energy Regulatory National Authority (ANRE) and will amend the legislation in this field in order to avoid new irregularities, said PM Ponta yesterday, saying that adding to the bills and breaching the privatization conditions have happened for many years, since 2007-2008. He added that the Government has “direct responsibilities” on ANRE which is an independent institution under the subordination of the Parliament.
Last week, the anti-corruption prosecutors detained ANRE vice-chairman Claudiu Dumbraveanu, along Gheorghe Ciubotaru, associated to ElectroAlfa International, accused of taking bribe, and Florin Gugu, director at Enel, accused of bribing.
Regarding the involvement in the ANRE case, the Enel representatives said in a release that “Enel reasserts the fact that they observed in every way the items of the privatization contract for former Electrica branches’ privatization they purchased in Romania.” “… regarding the company Enel Joint Services …it belongs to Enel Supply Dobrogea and Enel Supply Banat and has never done any financial transfers to Enel Investment Holding … The privatization procedure of Nuclearelectrica company took place last year through the IPO in which Enel did not take part. Enel joined the Cernavoda project in 2007 along other international investors. … After many years and many uncertainties regarding the development of the project, Enel decided in December 2013 that they should drop the project. As for the ongoing investigation, we reassert the fact that Enel said they are open to provide all the support to authorities, in order to clarify the situation,” reads Enel release.
PDL wants an investigative commission
On the other hand, PDL parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies, with the support of PNL, started to collect signatures to create a Parliament investigation commission regarding the electricity bills. “…It is unacceptable from PDL point of view that the power bill should be inflated by theft and no one to bear any responsibility,” said the leader of the democrat-liberals deputies, Tinel Gheorghe, quoted by Mediafax.