Gov’t to take responsibility as Constitutional Court rejects objections

Ponta cabinet is expected on Tuesday in parliament with its political programme.

Speaker of the LowerChamber Valeriu Zgoneaannounced on Friday that thetwo standing bureaus will convenein a joint session today, at 1PM local time. According tohim, the most rapid solution isfor the government to takeresponsibility for its political programmeon Tuesday, at 3 PM.This decision was taken a daybefore the chairman of theConstitutional Court ofRomania (CCR), AugustinZegrean, announced that theconstitutionality objection filedby the opposition DemocraticLiberal Party (PDL) againstParliament voting in a new governmentstill has an object. Zegrean said that he has notfound any similar situation inany other European Unionmember state, pointing out thatthings happening in Romania nolonger happen in consolidateddemocracies. ‘The objection does have anobject. There is no discarding rulingas a procedure of theConstitutional Court. People donot come before the courtbecause they want to. Here we arenotified about things and we haveto come up with solutions,’ saidZegrean, quoted by Agerpres. Headded that the new Governmentis in place because it met the parliamentaryprocedures and theministers were sworn in: ‘Thereare ministers in office; theGovernment is in its place’.Asked whether the stability ofthe country is at stake pendingthe court’s ruling, Zegrean saidthere is no problem: ‘The countrycan go on without a hitch.There is stability and this is agood thing’.According to him, theConstitutional Court of Romaniaruled on Saturday, by a majorityof votes, that a constitutionalityobjection filed by the PDL overParliament having recently votedin the new Romanian Government is inadmissible.Judiciary sources told Agerpresthe vote was eight to one. TheCCR ruling is final and generallybinding. The court’s reasoningwill be published in Romania’sOfficial Gazette.

PDL representatives avoided any commentson the CCR decision concerning theobjection they filed early last week, pointingout in a communiqué that they “took note ofthe Constitutional Court’s decision in whatconcerns the objection referring to the illegalityof the Ponta 3 Government,” they “willrespect it, as always,” and will not comment it.We remind our readers that the oppositionPDL submitted their objection on Tuesday tothe Lower Chamber that was to forward it tothe Constitutional Court. According toGheorghe Tinel, the leader of the PDL groupwithin the Lower Chamber, the objection wassigned by 52 MPs, 37 from PDL and 15 fromthe so-called People’s Party group. The PontaIII Cabinet ministers were sworn in beforePresident Traian Basescu on Wednesday, afterthe President and Prime Minister Victor Pontareached an agreement.

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