Gov’t supports fiscal relaxation

The Romanian Government is voicing support for a package of measures for fiscal relaxation and economic development that include cuts in the social security contributions as well as tax exemptions for reinvested capital, all of which will be discussed with a delegation of international financiers on their expected visit to Romania. The Government reports in a press release that the measures to be discussed this April will be based on a study jointly conducted with the World Bank. It is also mentioned that the talks so far with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the European Commission were conducted by Deputy Prime Minister Daniel Chitoiu and Minister Liviu Voinea. ‘The Government is dedicated to meeting the commitments pledged under its programme that provide for fiscal relaxation measures. The Government is supporting their application as well as meeting all the commitments pledged by it inside the European Union as well as in the relation with Romania’s international partners,’ reads the release.

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