Green light to lay off 2,500 CFR employees


Following the Gov’t’s approval of additional income payments to be made from the unemployment insurance budget to the CFR Marfa employees who will be laid off, the dismissal process of a number of 2,500 employees – approx. 30 percent of current employees – has been given the green light. The money distribution was approved in Wednesday’s Executive session by way of decision. The Ministry of Transport has estimated a necessary overall financial aid in the form of additional income of RON 16.9 million for this year alone. “(…) The dismissal of CFR Marfa employees will start in July, 2014, and an overall amount of RON 67.6 million must be allotted from the unemployment insurance budget in this respect, of which RON 16.9 million for the year 2014,” the Ministry draft notes. At present, the company has 8,577 employees. The laid off employees will be protected by the provisions under EGD 36/2013 (on the implementation of social coverage for laid off employees, valid between 2013 and 2018) in conjunction with Law 258/2013. Pursuant to the agreement concluded between CFR Marfa and union organizations, the employees who are laid off in the restructuring process will receive six gross wages classified 10 in the wage grid (namely RON 900). These wages will be granted regardless if the laid off employee gets a job in the following period.