Hackers stealing funds from US cards raided by police

A criminal group specialising in stealing money from American citizens’ bank cards expended to five Romanian counties has caused a damage of over EUR 100,000 so far, Romanian Police informs. Yesterday, the police officers and prosecutors organised a total of 15 searches in the Counties of Constanta, Braila, Galati, Cluj and Dolj, for dismantling the organised criminal group, Mediafax reports.  All the people found at the searched addresses will be escorted to the Department for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) – the Craiova Territorial Service to be questioned. The conclusion of the investigation is that, from March 2011 to August 2012, the members of the criminal group carried out criminal activities in the area of cyber-crime, according to the quoted source. By activities of the type of phishing, vishing and spam, on leased servers and with the help of various software, the suspects obtained tens of thousand of bank card numbers belonging to US citizens using the pretext of the blocking of accounts announced as compromised to the victims, the source explains. After gathering the data, the suspects would illegally collect money from those bank cards. During the investigation, the Romanian police officers cooperated with the Secret Service from the US Embassy in Bucharest. The members of the organised criminal group are under investigation for joining or supporting in any way an organised criminal group, unauthorised access to an IT system by security violations, production, sale, import or making available a password, access code or other such IT data, falsification of an electronic payment tool and placement in circulation of forged payment instruments, possession of equipment used for forging electronic payment tools. On a distinct note, the Fraud Investigation Service from the Prahova County Police yesterday organised searches at the addresses of several company managers in Bucharest and Ilfov, on suspicion of economic crimes with an estimated damage of approximately RON 3 M.

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