Head of DIICOT Alba’s activity, verified by CSM’s Judiciary Inspection

Judiciary Inspection (IJ) representatives are checking whether prosecutor Ioan Muresan committed disciplinary offences.

The Judiciary Inspection (IJ) has started to verify the activity of Ioan Muresan, the head of Alba County’s Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crimes and Terrorism (DIICOT). Muresan is prosecuted by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for the way in which he handled Berbeceanu’s case. According to IJ officials quoted by Mediafax, the verifications started after the Superior Magistracy Council’s Judiciary Inspection took note. “We had clues based on what appeared concerning the Muresan-Berbeceanu case too. We decided to verify whether the chief prosecutor of DIICOT Alba has disciplinary offences,” the aforementioned sources added.
We remind our readers that Ioan Muresa, the head of DIICOT Alba, an officer from the Brigade for Combating Organized Crime (BCCO) Alba and a prosecutor from the Alba Court are prosecuted, being charged with malfeasance in office and with being accessories to malfeasance in office in what concerns the handling of the Berbeceanu case, a case in which Berbeceanu was detained without evidence.
Berbeceanu: “I had full confidence in DNA”
Traian Berbeceanu (photo) returned from Bucharest to Deva on the night of Wednesday to Thursday. He did not want to discuss why he was in Bucharest but hinted that it had to do with the DNA case. “Ever since I was arrested and detained illegally I had full confidence in the National Anticorruption Directorate, just as I won’t hide from you the fact that I had a lot of confidence in DIICOT because I directly or indirectly worked with dozens of DIICOT prosecutors and I cherish and appreciate them for their professionalism. I am a defendant in the DIICOT case and I am convinced justice will be done. I am a witness in the DNA case. I am a denouncer. I want you to know that that case, to my surprise, was already registered and in progress before I made it to the DNA to denounce the allegedly criminal actions I noticed,” Berbeceanu stated. On the other hand, he stated that he wants to return to BCCO Alba: Traian Berbeceanu also stated that he was framed in order for other police officers to be deterred from doing their job. “My situation was meant to deter many of the policemen that are on the frontlines, on the street, and are facing extremely dangerous criminals. There are hundreds of professional people within the structures of the Romanian Police and I want to take this opportunity to ask them to talk. Let us, those with experience, try to restore to the Romanian Police the dignity, confidence and strength it needs,” the former head of BCCO Alba stated.

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