His Beatitude Daniel, five years since enthroned as BOR Patriarch

His Beatitude Daniel yesterday celebrated five years since he was enthroned as Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR). His five-year patriarchal reign so far  has been dominated by his steadfast resolve to get the National Salvation Cathedral built, as well as the construction of new churches both in Romania and abroad, breathing fresh air into theological education, recovery and capitalization on the church asset fund and development of own services, gandul.info reports. On the five-year anniversary occasion, Traian Basescu sent a congratulatory message praising Patriarch Daniel for the dynamism breathed into the Church and his being instrumental to the BOR’s contribution to the welfare of the Romanian society.

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  1. someone says:

    yes, because what romania needs most are churches… LOL
    I keep on wondering where in hell they get the money for building them. and why the hell they don’t spend money on things that really matter?!?

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