Horia Mihail’s ‘The Traveling Piano Man’ reaches New York

The Romanian pianist has traveled thousands of kilometers through many of our country’s historic regions, drawing the admiration and applause of thousands of spectators for his performances under ‘The Traveling Piano Man’ project, initiated and developed by Radio Romania.

After a four thousand kilometers long journey through 15 towns in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and after drawing over 8,500 spectators and millions of radio, television, or internet listeners and countless minutes of applause, Horia Mihail and his traveling piano will be reaching New York between April 30 and May 5, 2014, when his project will be presented to European and American public radio representatives who will be invited to New York to the Met Broadcasting Day, hotnews.ro informs.
The Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) in New York has scheduled the first concert on May 2, 7.00 p.m. in the Auditorium hall. Oltea Serban-Parau, musicologist, music critic, holder of a PhD in Musicology, director of the Radio Romania Media Cultural Center, and artistic director of Radio Orchestras and Choirs, will also be attending the event in the capacity of presenter of Horia’s CD, ‘The Traveling Piano Man – Beethoven’ (Casa Radio Publishing House).
On May 4, 7.30 p.m. Horia Mihail will hold a recital at Klavier House (549 west 52nd street New York, NY 10019, 7th floor), preceded by the same Oltea Serban-Parau’s presentation of ‘The Traveling Piano Man’ project. The concert program will include W. A. Mozart – Rondo in D major K 485, Fantasia in D minor K 397, Sonata in A major K 331, Rondo in A minor K 511, Fantasia in C minor K 475, and Sonata in C minor K 457.
‘The Traveling Piano Man’ is more than a simple metaphor. It is reality transposed into a story accompanied by the highest quality music and told by pianist Horia Mihail in his long and gratifying artistic adventure through dozens of Romanian and Moldavian towns. Designed for concert-goers from all corners of the world, ‘The Traveling Piano Man’ will cross the ocean to bring joy into the hearts of New York’s music lovers.
Horia Mihail has performed in numerous piano and chamber music concerts held in 18 countries on four continents and has joined many renowned musicians on stage, such as Roman Totenberg, Lory Wallfisch, Robert Merfeld, Peter Zazofsky, Andres Diaz, and Nathaniel Rosen. His concerts have been broadcasted on both television and the radio in Romania, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, and the United States of America. Horia has also recorded with the National Radio Orchestra of Romania.

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